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Researchers Urge a Rapid Allocation of New Spectrum to Boost U.S. Position in Global Race .

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NYU WIRELESS Research Disrupts Mobile Industry

Groundbreaking research by the NYU WIRELESS research center has been instrumental in the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to begin exploring the potential of a new radio-wave spectrum for mobile services above 24 GHz.

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Keysight Technologies joins NYU WIRELESS

NYU WIRELESS announced that Keysight Technologies, Inc. joined the university research center as a new industrial affiliate sponsor. The partnership comes as the Federal Communications Commission explores the potential of mobile radio services in the millimeter-wave radio spectrum—an area in which NYU WIRELESS is developing fundamental science, theory, and measurements.

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NYU WIRELESS SOM Faculty Participate In New Research Center

Various faculty at NYU Langone Medical Center, including NYU WIRELESS professors from the department of Radiology, have joined the newly-funded national Biomedical Technology Resource Center: The Center for Advanced Imaging Innovation and Research (CAI²R).

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NYU WIRELESS Research Featured in Microwave Journal

The NYU WIRELESS research group was recently featured in the Microwave Journal with their paper titled "Small Wavelengths – Big Potential: Millimeter Wave Propagation Measurements for 5G." PhD students Sijia Deng, Christopher Slezak, and George MacCartney collaborated with Prof. Rappaport on this research, introducing wideband millimeter wave propagation measurements and the sliding correlator channel sounder system used to measure millimeter wave channels in New York City.

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New Text on Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications

Prentice-Hall has just released an exciting new comprehensive text on the relatively unexplored field of Millimeter Wave (mmWave) communications. MmWave is a breakthrough frontier for emerging wireless mobile cellular networks, wireless local area networks, personal area networks, and vehicular communications. In the near future, mmWave applications, devices, and networks will change our world.

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NYU WIRELESS Successfully Transmits LTE in Millimeter Wave Band

NYU WIRELESS PhD students Russell Ford and George MacCartney have demonstrated the center's first LTE-like transmissions at millimeter wave frequencies.

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Prof. Justin Cappos Makes Cracking Individual Passwords Impossible

NYU WIRELESS Professor Justin Cappos and his research group have devised a new scheme called PolyPassHash for storing password hash data so that an attacker cannot individually crack passwords.

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NYU WIRELESS Associate Director Receives NSF Funding

Dennis Shasha, Associate Director of NYU WIRELESS, has received $700,000 in funding from the NSF (National Science Foundation). Shasha is exploring the genomic basis for how plants use Nitrogen. His projects aim to figure out how to make farming more efficient, as well as minimize the impact of fertilizer on the environment.

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